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Brenntag – Source Globally, Act Locally

Chemical distribution. That’s not a phrase or, indeed, a process, that makes you think of a healthy environment. It evokes images of heavy duty vehicles moving around emitting lots of exhaust gases or spillages leading to toxic rivers and deformed fish.

 But really, if you think about it, chemicals are the essential buildings bocks for our lives. Without chemicals, you can’t clean and disinfect water. Chemicals prolong the shelf life of foods – as well as making them tastier.

Chemicals, therefore, are a crucial part of the global economy, and the transport and distribution of them is a huge industry that requires serious considerations of safety and the environment. As the global leader in chemical and ingredients distribution, Brenntag has an obligation to contribute towards greater sustainability in the industry, a challenge they take on happily.

Transport of goods contributes to emissions and if not handled in a responsible manner, chemical products can have a negative impact on the environment. Brenntag works closely with its suppliers and customers in order to increase resource efficiency and optimise the use and handling of products to foster a more sustainable culture in their industry.

As a global player, Brenntag conducts sustainability assessments and supports the development of tailored formulations that reduce waste and decrease environmental impact. 

But as with any industry, there are other factors to consider. Safety is chief among these in the chemical distribution market. For Brenntag, this encompasses not just environmental safety, but also that of employees and the actual products they handle.

The close cooperation with everyone they work with along the supply chain enables Brenntag to strive for zero accidents and incidents, and the company aims to be the safest chemical distributor worldwide because of this collaboration, not just reducing the negative impact of more conventional approaches, but adding value along that chain as a standout example of corporate and product sustainability.

One of the main things that enables Brenntag to lead the field is its focus on fantastic local execution, backed by an unmatched global network. Although many chemical distributors strive for a global approach, the users of chemical products are mostly local and, as such, want a partner that understands their business and the region it operates in. For Brenntag, maintaining their local presence is just as important as making use of its worldwide network on suppliers and consumers.

We found out more about how Brenntag manages its complex role as the world’s leading chemical and ingredients distributor, and the challenges that raises.