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A-To-Be Delivers Solutions For Urban Mobility Issues

Worldwide citizens are seeking and demanding transformational change for greater mobility. How we move people and goods may resemble common underlying tenets of past years, but the time and information demand of today are radically different than prior iterations of the transportation evolution. When you look at mobility today, there are a lot of stressful situations we all face in our daily routines when traveling from “A” to “B”: time-consuming traffic jams; lack of interoperability among systems and payment methods; growing concerns for sustainable options; and others.

That’s where we come in. A-to-Be connects every player within mobility networks, managed by public authorities and other mobility-as-a-service providers, ensuring everyone wins. Our technological solutions allow mobility operators to achieve their business and operational goals, while citizens lives are made easier by the complete integration of their travel needs. We turn simple trips into seamless journeys – which are easier, safer, more sustainable and fulfilling.

Belonging to Brisa Group, the largest private road operator in Portugal, we have started developing our business and knowledge in the highways, providing a multitude of tolling solutions including, self-service, electronic and satellite. With more than 40 years of experience, our flagship offerings evolved to the following three: MoveBeyond, as the backoffice solutions for integrated mobility and tolling; LinkBeyond, as the advanced mobility connector on the roadside and Atlas as a suite of solutions for advanced traffic management information system. All designed for smart cities, road operators, public transport, smart parking and more. A-to-Be was worldwide pioneer deploying a nationwide Electronic Toll Collection system in Portugal. Today, A-to-Be is a B2B2C company, client-centric, that offers solutions internationally for intelligent transportation with successful projects in Portugal, the United States, the Netherlands, and Poland.

In Portugal, we are the major technology partner of Via Verde. In this new Era of Mobility, Brisa has played a central part helping to build the future of mobility by offering a very comprehensive set of mobility services, due to a strategic alignment of the technology (with A-to-Be) and services (with Via Verde).Together, the Group is building an ecosystem of mobility services focused on providing integrated, collaborative and inclusive answers to the needs of citizens. Thanks to A-to-Be’s technology, Via Verde – originally an automatic toll payments system – evolved to providing payment options for on and off-street parking, drive-thrus, fueling, public transport, car sharing, carpooling, and counting.

A-to-Be is a company of international reference as a key supplier of mobility platformswith larger ongoing projects in the USA and Europe. Annually, the company processes over 600 million tolling transactions, 10 million parking transactions and 500 thousand mobility transactions, managing more than 7 million customer accounts.