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The Brightline Initiative

Business is filled with buzzwords. So much so that some of its phrases, such as ‘blue-sky thinking’ are often satirised. Another frequently used but vague term is innovation. Highly praised among business leaders, innovation has become a common aspiration for many enterprises seeking to place themselves at the cutting edge of their respective industry. It’s a certain type of innovation that gets most of the press. Radical innovation is lauded, but the reality is that gradual, piecemeal innovation is more common. Besides, it’s oft-forgotten amongst the clamour to bring out the next, new big thing that originality is overrated. Amazon was not the first organisation to focus on online retail. They were not a pioneer in this field; instead, they brought it to mass market with already extant technology. There are plenty more examples spanning many industries. Perhaps the reason why radical innovation is less common than some might wish it was is that ideas are nothing without execution. The bridge between strategy design and delivery can only be crossed by continual execution, and this must be driven by one of those other common buzzwords (or buzzphrases) – the ‘can-do’ attitude. This is where Brightline comes in. A coalition of leading global organisations, Brightline seeks to empower large enterprises – specifically Chief Strategy Officers, Senior Vice Presidents and Executive Directors – to bridge the often costly and unproductive gap between the design of a strategy and its delivery. Through a focus on the provision of world-class research and development, Brightline helps business entities across the spectrum to enhance their capabilities in managing strategic innovation. This dedication to providing a knowledge and networking platform provides valuable insight and fosters solutions to implementing business strategies and enables organisations to cut through the fog of buzzwords to achieve real innovation and success.