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Business Practices Of The Future

SKOLKOVO Business School is open to the world and is leading the way into the business practices of the future. Launched just 12 years ago, SKOLKOVO Business School has catapulted itself to become the leading private business school not only in its native Russia, but in the whole region of the CIS.

It already has a 2000 – strong body of alumni to join a group of brilliant Russian and international business visionaries, successful entrepreneurs and well-known businessmen who founded it.

 Advanced research and corporate education are two additional core strengths of the School: it has over 10 research centers and institutes, and over 18,000 people have attended various corporate and advanced education programs.

SKOLKOVO Business School collaborates with dozens of world’s leading business schools, attracting the world’s top professors and experts and combines it with Russian expertise and practice. This creates a significant advantage for the School among competitors and provides an opportunity to offer very strong learning programs that accelerate businesses and individual entrepreneurs.

At SKOLKOVO Business School the academic platform is the intellectual center, responsible for the development of the educational and research agenda.

 The overarching goal of SKOLOKOVO Business School is to foster an open platform of academic exchange, attract world-class professors and researchers, develop Russian experts, explore and tackle issues at the overlap of academia and business practices, and generate new ideas. The School is striving to create relevant knowledge and expertise for those who rely on Russia and emerging markets.

This year SKOLKOVO Business School and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology are launching a joint dual degree executive MBA for Eurasia program, which will offer courses and networking opportunities in seven countries, starting this Fall. SKOLKOVO Business School is capitalizing on its unique position, being de facto an expert hub for the Eurasian region, and its direct access to knowledge and expert bases in both the best European business schools and in China.

 The regions of Eurasia are in the stage of rapid economic growth and seeking new business ties and partnerships.

More and more countries are becoming open for international cooperation. We predict that a new coherent business space spanning from East in the Pacific to West in the Atlantic, being cushioned by the Artic and the Indian Ocean is coming to its own.

Today, leaders are needed to drive Eurasia’s transformation and the vast opportunities ahead. Those able to foster international projects bridging players with different cultural, economic, religious, technological and political attributes will be the winners.

This is the reason why HKUST and SKOLKOVO business schools have jointly launched the new EMBA for Eurasia. The content of the programme is tailored for executives, entrepreneurs and public officials working with Eurasian markets and institutions. An integral part of the programme is a deep dive into seven countries in order to hone global thinking, understand best innovation practices around the world, and engage in international networking. EMBA graduates from this exclusive program will be equipped to become true leaders with global, cross-cultural, ethical and very entrepreneurial mindsets.