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Dennemeyer – The Whole World Of Intellectual Property

The Dennemeyer Grouphas 55 years of experience in delivering quality Intellectual Property services such as patent annuities, trademark renewals, recordals, as well as strategic IP consulting and cutting-edge software solutions for effective IP management.

Working in unison with the law firm Dennemeyer & Associates, Dennemeyer also provides IP law firm services such as EP validations, PCT nationalizations, trademark and patent filing, prosecution, and much more.

We maintain 20+ offices (for example Australia, Brazil, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Japan, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America), on all continents.

Whether you are a corporation or a law firm, Dennemeyer’s services will help you maximize the value of your IP assets while mitigating portfolio risk factors.

Dennemeyer & Associatesis a leading IP law firm with a genuine international span. We maintain thirteen offices in European and non-European countries: Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia, Russia, US, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Brazil and South Africa. As a pioneer in internationalizing strategic intellectual asset management, we have specialized in the preparation and worldwide registration of patents, trademarks and designs. We assist our clients in all steps of the prosecution phase of IP management. We have also built up a worldwide network of highly experienced patent and trademark professionals.

Our international team of patent and trademark attorneys is admitted to practice before the Patent and Trademark Offices of several additional European and non-European jurisdictions (e.g. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, EU, EPO, and New Zealand).

Dennemeyer Consultingis an international consulting firm specialized in all aspects of intellectual property management. The consultancy teams are composed of IP specialists and management consultants with combined IP and industry expertise. In the context of consulting projects, Dennemeyer Consulting helps companies and law firms to secure and sustainably manage innovations and their intellectual property matters. The company also provides the long-term experience of Dennemeyer Group through seminars, workshops and webinars on intellectual property rights.

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