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How Carly is Revolutionizing the Automotive Industry for Consumers


Over the past few decades, the automotive industry has made incredible technological strides. Cars have become more and more digitized, storing an ever-increasing wealth of data containing powerful information from maintenance history and error codes through to hidden customization features locked by the manufacturer.

The ownership of such data is generally considered to belong to the consumer. However, until very recently, all of that data has been all but unknown and inaccessible to car owners. For years, consumers have relied on car manufacturers or auto mechanics to access data related to their new or second-hand vehicle and to diagnose potential issues. Automotive manufacturers, mechanics, and consumers alike have traditionally not challenged the status quo, particularly as the technology for owners to access such data in user-friendly terms has not been available.

Carly is a car tech company with a mission to connect drivers to the hidden secrets inside their car. When the founders of Carly began noticing problems with their cars, they took it to a car repair shop to diagnose the issue. Upon learning that the repairs were estimated at nearly $13,000 — a sum which exceeded the value of the car — the founders began devising a more user-friendly solution. By accessing the car error data for themselves, they discovered that the issue came down to an $80 part that simply needed to be replaced.

Alongside a team of experienced developers, the founders helped to design and launch a user-friendly solution that puts control of such data into the hands of car owners. With just a smartphone app and the universal Carly adapter, Carly empowers car owners to save money on otherwise costly repairs and to prevent future damages. Carly even enables owners to identify damages which are not always obvious to experienced users, such as hard-to-track electronic signals. With the app and adapter, car owners can keep track of their car’s health, read fault codes, and gauge the severity of problems — all in a way that is clear enough for non-experts and car professionals alike, without having to take the vehicle to a garage.

Carly is not just a diagnostic tool, however. Every car has hidden functions and settings locked by the manufacturer. Carly empowers car owners to access these features and customize their cars to fit their own individual preferences by adjusting lights, doors, warning signs, and more — all with just a tap.

Carly’s user friendly and highly innovative solution fills a clear consumer knowledge void in the automotive market. It also promotes greater transparency in the industry by enabling more and more drivers to take direct control of vehicle features. Since its launch, over a million users have successfully used the Carly app to assess the health of their car and customize the vehicle to their specific preferences, all while saving thousands of dollars.

“If there is one thing that we want to achieve,” says co-CEO Avid Avini, “I believe it is putting back the customer into the spotlight in an industry that has totally forgotten about the consumer.”