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Inspiring Smart Mobility

Our vision is to make mobility available for everyone and everywhere, both in cities as well as in rural areas by building a powerful demand-responsive transport system. ioki is about discovering sustainable solutions that make mobility economically viable, and saving our environment by sharing rides, hence increasing the quality of life. Today we already connect our new responsive forms of mobility to existing public transport modes in a smart way to give customers access to mobility even without owning a private car.

 In our heart we are a full-service-provider and have built an open demand-responsive transport ecosystem. The core is our flexible ioki platform, that offers third parties like cities, communities and companies all components and services for the introduction and operation of strong DRT solutions. ioki can be individually adapted to fulfill every customer’s precise needs and can be used in different use cases: regardless of whether existing services are digitised, or if a public transport system is to be expanded by a flexible system as an alternative to private cars.Tightly integrated in the public transport system, the objectives of our ridesharing concepts are focused on guaranteeing optimum utilisation of routes and vehicles by our strong algorithms. 

 Several pilot projects prove our success in demand-responsive transportation as well as autonomous driving:

 – In October 2017, we launched the first self-driving bus service on public roads in rural Bad Birnbach in Bavaria. Until now, it remained the first one in Germany operating on public roads.

– In November 2017, we launched our first driver-based demand-responsive ridesharing service for up to 15,000 DB employees in Frankfurt. This is the biggest DRT laboratory in Germany so far. All our new product features are pre-tested here first in a real world environment before we bring the service to our customers. 

– In April 2018, we started to implement our first demand-responsive autonomous bus in Berlin, in cooperation with Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG). 

– In May 2018, we integrated the first demand-responsive, digitally bookable driver-based ridesharing shuttle in existing public transport in Wittlich.  

– In May 2018, ioki started Germany’s first demand-responsive shuttle service for pupils in Schoeneck, Hesse.

– In July 2018, we launched the first public transport and tariff integrated ridesharing service in Hamburg with our partner VHH, a large bus operator and the city of Hamburg. Hamburg won the Intelligent Transport Service World Congress in 2021 and is a great and innovative place for new mobility in Germany.