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Jotun Products Are All Around You

On homes, buildings, appliances, vehicles and so much more, our paints and protective coatings are trusted by dozens of industries every day. And while the applications may vary greatly, from oil pipelines to furniture, there’s one thing that always remains the same. We enable new possibilities for the industries and partners that rely on our products. That’s as true today as it was when we began nearly 100 years ago.

From those first days protecting the hulls of fishing ships that anchored in our Norwegian home of Sandefjord, we saw the potential of protective coatings, and that has never changed. Today, our coatings enable ships to save fuel, buildings to reduce energy consumption, furniture to last lifetimes, and so many other solutions that empower our partners to do more than ever before possible. Jotun and our ever-growing suite of products have revolutionised production and manufacturing, leading countless partners to greater efficiency, sustainability and profitability.
While we began as a paint company, we have always looked outside our product range for new ways to support our customers. That’s what led us, in the 1960s, to create our powder coating division – an arm of Jotun that has been on a journey of continuous innovation for more than 5 decades. In those 50 years, we have proven and reaffirmed our mastery of powder coating metals. And today, once again, we are set to revolutionise manufacturing with a new line of products – industry-leading powder coatings that can, for the first time, protect and beautify natural and engineered wood.
These solutions are a leap forward that will benefit our partners, their customers and our planet immeasurably. They are our latest innovations, and yet they reflect our oldest belief – that product innovation starts and ends with empowering new possibilities for our customers.
100 years later, the journey of Jotun innovation continues.