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Meeting The Changing Needs And Expectations Of Companies And Executives Worldwide

The world is changing at an increasingly rapid pace and none of us can stand still in our careers anymore. Gone are the days when we got an undergraduate degree, forgot all about it and then had a career for the rest of our lives. Learning new skills and updating existing ones is therefore not only desirable, but also essential to keep moving forward.

Executive Education is an increasingly popular option to meet this need but the sector is also going through its own dramatic transformation. In a recent interview with Sarah Lockett, Chief Correspondent at The Business Debate, Ron Duerksen, Executive Director of Degree and Certificate programs at HEC Paris, discusses how the Executive Education sector is transforming itself to meet the rapidly changing needs and expectations of companies and executives throughout the world.

The changing face of Executive Education
Traditionally, Executive Education offers four different types of training and development solutions. There are Custom programs that are co-designed with companies to meet their specific management or HR needs, Short programs that focus on specific topics such as finance and marketing, Certificate programs that enable participants to go into a particular topic in more depth, and Degree programs such as the Executive MBA and Specialized Masters. So how is the Executive Education sector adapting to the rapidly changing expectations of executives and organizations?

For Ron Duerksen, the transformation of the Executive Education sector is most noticeable in four key areas. There is now a much greater emphasis on customization and personalization, developing online programs and ensuring that training provides companies and individuals with tangible and lasting impact on their businesses and their lives.

Customization, personalization, online programs and measuring impact
An increasing number of companies and executives expect training programs to be tailored to the specific skills they want to acquire. In response to this particular need, HEC Paris has launched a new Master’s in General Management. It allows participants to choose two different Certificate programs, based on their specific needs, and build their own Master’s program.

As executives now have to change jobs, sectors and industries so frequently, there is also an increasing demand for personalization. This is why HEC Paris is expanding its range of added value services for participants, such as entrepreneurship support, personal and professional development, mentorship and coaching.

Online training is also becoming an increasingly attractive option for busy managers who want to develop skills at their own pace. HEC Paris was one of the first Business Schools to anticipate this need by offering MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses). Since then, it has continued to hone its expertise with launch of online Certificate programs and the Online Master’s in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Executive Education represents a significant investment and both companies and individuals want to know the impact of the training they are paying for on their businesses and their lives. To meet this need, HEC Paris has developed a specific methodology, based on the KPIs identified by their corporate clients, to measure the impact of customs programs. This methodology not only quantifies the value of the training program, but also identifies how it can be fine-tuned and optimized.