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Right Chemistry For A Brighter Tomorrow

Aarti Industries is one of India’s leading research-oriented and environment-friendly chemical companies. We have a diversified portfolio of 200 plus products and serve more than 650 customers across the world. Our products find applications in various industries such as agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, high performance polymers, dyes, pigments and printing inks and adhesives and rubber chemicals among others.  

Aarti Industries has 3 divisions, Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Surfactants. The Chemical division manufactures basic chemicals, speciality chemicals & chemical intermediates and remains to be the cornerstone of Aarti Industries. The Pharmaceuticals division produces key pharma intermediates and Active Pharmaceutical Intermediates (API). Aarti Industries is a knowledge driven company and has 3 R&D centres located in Dombivali and Vapi, which focus on R&D initiatives for pharmaceutical APIs and chemicals. We export to more than 60 countries of the world and derive the majority of our revenue from customers that have a long term relationship with us. 

Globally, the chemicals industry has been undergoing some tectonic shifts. The major reason for this is the ever so stringent environmental norms. Indian companies focused on speciality chemicals are expected to be the major beneficiaries of this going trend. This has given us exciting growth opportunities. 

Today the population is increasing rapidly and is expected to by 10 billion by 2050. Looking at areas like food where there is an increase in per calorie consumption but the land remains constant so there arises a need for increase in per hector yield of food production. Agrochemicals make it possible to produce this higher yield and hence its consumption is bound to increase.  The population is increasing and so is the life expectancy, hence there is an increase in demand for pharmaceuticals and lifestyle drugs. This has also led to increase in usage of intermediate drugs. Example: Ramipril and Quinapril HCL, are APIs which are used in production of Anti-hypertensive drugs. The world is moving towards more sustainable solutions and Aarti Industries is well set to help achieve these. 

Aarti Industries, produce chemicals which form the building blocks for various speciality chemicals. At Aarti Industries we address the problem of having a reliable, sustainable supplier of chemicals which necessitate use of hazardous processes for its manufacturing. Over the years we have built the expertise of setting up and running large scale, continious and highly integrated plants where we manufacture more than 200 products. We also have robust systems and processes to ensure reliable, sustainable and safe supply of these chemicals. 

Aarti Industries has taken holistic approach to cater to the above mentioned problems. Aarti Industries is one of the most sustainable and cost competitive manufacturers because of the efficient technology and the large scale production. Additionally, only technologies which lay emphasis on Safety, Health and Environment during the entire manufacturing cycle are developed and used. Our purpose is ‘Right Chemistry for a Brighter Tomorrow’, where ‘brighter tomorrow’ means the products which are needed for the society, i.e. the products which help the society to make their future bright and ‘right chemistry’ means the way in which we manufacture these products.