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Smart Buildings: Solutions For Digital Transformation From Johnson Controls

How can a smart building help you reach your business goals? By gathering data from internal operational technology and external information technology sources and using the data to identify insights, you can drive improved sustainability, reduced operating costs, and increased employee safety, comfort and productivity.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in building systems empowers users at every level, from a single conference room to a portfolio of buildings. A smart building analyzes information from areas like Building Automation Systems (BAS), Fire detection, HVAC and security systems, as well as data from social media feeds, work orders, weather data and more.  The Companion App, can be used to generate employee data as they use the app to customize their environments with temperatures and lighting adjustments, plus reserve conference rooms and navigate around a building or campus.  The data then provides information about how space is used, like whether a conference room or office spaces are under-utilized.

The resulting insights into how integrated technologies are performing allows for informed actionAll of these systems can then be managed from a central location, allowing for proactive and intelligent management for a more cost effective, safer, more sustainable environment.

Whether it’s making tenants comfortable in their offices in a real estate business, serving customers in a retail setting, or groundbreaking sustainability work in the ‘Office of the Future,’ Johnson Controls helps you power your mission.

Making informed decisions from one pane of glass means it’s possible to know exactly what’s happening in a building in an unprecedented way.  Managing your enterprise in this way has improved revenue impacts and cost profiles for customers in spaces from education to retail and are successfully transforming operations, allowing for resources to be redirected where they can do more good and improving day-to-day life for customers and their employees. Johnson Controls works with customers wherever they are in their digital transformation journey to offer the platforms, applications and services to most effectively manage, optimize and maintain their facility, making the building of the future a reality.