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The Future Of Mobility Safety Requires Innovation

Joyson Safety Systems strives to provide safety-critical technologies and solutions for the next generation of mobility. As autonomous vehicles become more and more of a reality, each day, Joyson Safety Systems is creating innovative new technologies to support it. Autonomous vehicles will play a very critical role in developing safety technologies, putting occupants in situations never experienced before. With advanced electronic systems and safety designs, products will become more complex. Products like occupant monitoring systems and interior warning systems will become more crucial as passenger seating configurations and scenarios become less focused on driving. On the other hand, technology is becoming better and more cost effective. For example, the 3D Switch™ is functionally similar to a traditional mechanical switch but with virtually no physical movement. Furthermore, the programmable fascia allows for limitless possibilities for design flexibility  all at a similar pricing point as a traditional mechanical switch. With the world digitizing, collecting data is becoming more and more important to creating safer passenger vehicles. Data collected from multiple sensors and cameras in the vehicle means that mobility will be safer while simultaneously more personal to passengers in the future. The collective efforts of systems working together means that occupants in cars of the future will have a more enjoyable experience in addition to being more secure. In the mean time, Driver Monitoring Systems offer a solution between fully autonomous vehicles and current passenger vehicles for autonomy levels one through four. They can detect the driver’s attention state and gaze to ensure they are operating their vehicle to the fullest capacity. It can also provide an additional layer of security and personalization through facial recognition. Occupant sensors will create smarter ways to deploy safety solutions in the event of an impact and enhance passenger experiences when not being used as safety devices. These sensors will be especially crucial for fully autonomous vehicles. For example, an occupant monitoring system can detect how many passengers are riding in a vehicle, what size they are, if their seatbelt is attached, if they are in a reclined or upright state, sleeping or awake, respiration, or generally out of an optimal position in case of an impact. From this information, it can work with the vehicle to adjust various creature comforts and in the case of an impact, deploy the appropriate safety devices depending on the type of event. Despite this, traditional methods of safety are not going away anytime soon. Airbags, warning systems, and seatbelts will still remain. However, the changing landscape will force them to evolve. Joyson Safety Systems is assisting with the development of the future of these technologies by creating new types of airbags and restraint systems such as the knee airbag, far side airbag, and seatbelt airbag. These specialized airbags address the possibility of a dynamic vehicle interior where people can lounge, work, or play instead of driving. Innovation will play a sizable part in driving the future of vehicles. Joyson Safety Systems is creating technologies that will make a large impact on how we experience cars.