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UCB – Breaking Silos And Uniting On Patient Value

Healthcare is in a state of flux. While other industries, such as travel and banking, have adapted successfully to the technological revolution, healthcare has typically lagged behind. The NHS, for example, has been described as a slow adopter of new technology and software options.

This is a problem that needsa solution. As everything else in life becomes more accessible, the way patients seek healthcare is changing.

A further barrier to change is that trust in ‘big pharma’ has been eroded in the past, so communication between companies responsible for patient care and the patients themselves is not at a level where the best feedback is being received on how to move treatments and medications forward effectively.

As ever, companies are searching for solutions to myriad issues in climate of seismic change. UCB, a global biopharmaceutical company, with a focus on neurology and immunology, is one such entity.

Recognising the need for a new approach to a new future, UCB has repurposed the company with a focus on innovation. The tagline is ‘driven by patients, inspired by science’, but how exactly are they starting out on this new path, and how are they helping to alter the patient-doctor relationship to fit the landscape of today?

The key, we found out, is listening.