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Who Dares Wins: Building German Superyachts For The 22nd Century With Nobiskrug

While certain superyacht builders have characteristic traits, such as the shape of a hull or curve of a superstructure, that allows their fleet to be identified with a simple glance, there’s no Nobiskrug ‘look’. Which is exactly how it’s meant to be. 

At its north German shipyards, custom rules as unique dreams are built – one single yacht, for one single client at a time. The result is an exclusive fleet of ten. Nobiskrug luxury yachts, each with a completely individual design and personality. Vessels that reflect the vision and identity of their owner, rather than the builder. 

Nobiskrug Managing Director Holger Kahl knows that his company has reached the pinnacle of superyacht construction, one of a select few who is “able to build very, very complex, big superyachts with very advanced technologies,” he comments. But with a track record of undertaking – and successfully delivering – projects that most yards would find impossible, Nobiskrug stands alone in its capacity to deliver exceptional and industry-defining projects. Over a hundred years of German shipbuilding tradition, a team of more than 900 in-house employees, and three shipyards with facilities capable of accommodating builds 400-plus metres in length are just some of the reasons why. With her futuristic design and advanced technology, including a hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system and state-of-the-art navigation, 2017’s Sailing Yacht A is the yard’s 143-metre masterpiece and she justifiably attracts most of today’s headlines. Yet innovation is in Nobiskrug’s DNA and is a feature common to every superyacht it has delivered since M/Y Tatoosh, its first, in 2000. The trend has continued with award-winning vessels such as M/Y Sycara V, M/Y Siren and M/Y Mogambo. In the yachting industry, the German shipyard needs no introduction. “We have designers coming up with a design, asking whether we are able to build it, if we have a slot. There are owners coming around with their designers and advisors,” Holger says, especially during flagship events such as September’s annual Monaco Yacht Show.

While many of the advanced technologies may not be visible to the naked eye (and privacy agreements mean they remain a watertight secret), the very presence of each Nobiskrug luxury yacht on the water today is a testament to the yard’s incredible capacity to innovate. For Holger, innovation is the ability to deliver the owner’s unique vision while adhering to increasingly stringent regulations and demands for technical – and operational – efficiency. To deliver a superyacht that will provide a deeply emotional experience for her owner now – and for generations to come.

With its latest project, unveiled at the 2018 Monaco Yacht Show, Nobiskrug has proved that yachting’s next frontier is at the forefront of its mind today. When completed in 2019, 80-metre M/Y ARTEFACT will be striking hybrid yacht that achieves a new standard of environmental responsibility – as per owner instruction. Like every Nobiskrug superyacht before her, ARTEFACT is destined to become a superyacht that demonstrates the passion and ingenuity of this very daring team of yacht builders constructing German superyachts for the 22nd century.