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ZF Electrifies Everything For A Vision: Emission-Free

ZF is one of the world-leading automotive suppliers. It is constantly advancing vehicle electrification and has meanwhile come to be known as the world champion of variation with its many integrated system solutions.

In fact, ZF now offers the broadest range of hybrid and all-electric drive solutions for almost every vehicle segment. As one of the early e-mobility pioneers, ZF knows what it takes to convert electricity into efficient and dynamic vehicle propulsion.

In 2008, ZF was the first company in Europe to volume-produce hybrid modules – a technology that reduces CO2 emissions by up to 70 percent compared to vehicles with combustion engines.

The electric axle drive system from ZF is positioned directly in the middle on the axle. Following the “Plug-and-Drive” principle, it brings together decisive system components in a compact module, including an electric motor, a two-stage single-speed spur gear drive along with differential, parking lock, the housing, the cooling unit as well as the power electronics and control software.

Integrating the transmission, electric motor and power electronics into one system represents a key competence that ZF can offer its customers as a single-source supplier.

Commercial vehicles are also benefiting from electrification thanks to ZF. The TraXon Hybrid automated transmission system, for example, makes 40-ton trucks and coaches up to seven percent more economical.

ZF is set up just as broadly and systematically for all-electric drives as it is for hybrids.

The electric axle drive system will go into volume production for a European automobile manufacturer in 2019. The system is ideal as an all-electric drive for battery-powered, fuel-cell or hybrid electric vehicles.

This modular system can also be used with many other types of vehicles. For example, it includes a simple-to-install, all-in-one solution for forklift trucks that is both efficient and quiet. Moreover, ZF also offers hybrid or all-electric solutions for the marine, railroad and other industrial application sectors for a vision: emission-free mobility.