‍“Indena’s deep commitment to sustainability and biodiversity will continue and grow with high emphasis in the years to come.”


Indena: Medicinal plantation benefits made transparent

Nature engineering technology made greener

June 29, 2022



Indena: Medicinal plantation benefits made transparent

Nature engineering technology made greener

June 29, 2022


The COVID-19 pandemic saw an emphasis put on society’s physical and mental health, with people told to stay indoors and protect themselves, occasionally at the cost of their mental well-being. 

What if we said plants could improve your mental health, as well as making cute decorations?

Indena is the leading company in identifying, developing and producing pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals from molecules procured from plants, founded in 1921. Their mission to develop and deliver the medicinal properties found in plants through sustainable means encourages, and enables a healthier lifestyle for both humanity and nature.

“Nutritional supplements are used to optimise and maintain health and well-being, primarily integrating the diet with nutrients. Conversely, pharmaceuticals are intended for diagnosis, cure and prevention of a specific disease.”

Their advancements in pharmaceuticals have produced a wide range of results, from the discovery of adaptogen to anti-cancer molecules, all found in plantations. Adaptogen properties are proven to improve longevity, increase quality of life and protect neurological health. 

“There are many nutritional supplement opportunities to manage mild and occasional conditions like insomnia, anxiety, stress.”

In the nineties Indena made great strides in the development and mass distribution of a molecule found in the bark of a Yew tree that contains anti-cancer properties, they became “the main global supplier of the active ingredient that eventually created the basis for the blockbuster anti-cancer drugs.” According to the American Cancer Society, the U.S saw a decline in the cancer death rate by 31% from the years 1991 to 2018. 

Additionally to their pharmaceutical background, they also work to develop nutraceuticals; food containing health giving additives. They have found numerous molecules that garner a great many health benefits; From cognitive health support and healthier brain functionality properties found in the Ginkgo biloba leaf, to healthy inflammatory responses and improved joint health properties found in the bark of the Salix spp, more commonly known as Willow genus.

‍“Indena produces both pharmaceutical and herbal ingredients and strives at producing them according to the highest standards of quality.”

The four pillars of success

‍Indena strives atop four pillars outlined in their company remit that has helped make them the lead botanical experts over the last 100 years. 

Botanical expertise that harnesses their knowledge of plantations in a sustainable manner, “scientific research is also one of the most important reasons for our success.”

The organic synthesising of complex molecules and the precision isolation and extraction of molecules.

‍In depth safety studies with clinical testing and extensive development of their formulations. 

Working hard to ensure the quality and safety of their products.

These four elements combined solidifies their leadership in botanic excellence.


Indena’s focus on sustainability offers them a unique opportunity to harness the natural properties of our earth's vegetation, without sacrificing the environment. Their mission to improve humanities quality of life co-exists with their dedication to reducing their COemissions. The company had a natural gas cogeneration plant installed at their Settala site, which works to decrease their emissions by approximately 10%.

‍“Our sustainable sourcing program guarantees full transparency.”

Their European industrial plantsation was awarded the internationally recognised ISO 14001 for their work in environmental betterment and  ISO 45001 focused on health and safety standards.

The company's botanical experts survey over 3,00 hectares of Good Agricultural and Collection Practices compliant plantations. This accounts for more than 60% of the raw vegetational material they use. 

They use traditional planting and breeding methods to procure this 60%, while staying clear of genetically modified food. This practise enables them to give back to the earth, not just take, ensuring the highest quality results from raw organic sources.

‍“Indena’s deep commitment to sustainability and biodiversity will continue and grow with high emphasis in the years to come.”

Working together to create a healthier world

In 2011 Indena began a collaboration with personalised scientific wellness company Thorne, resulting in 40 new botanical products. CEO of Thorne, Paul Jacobson explains why the company partnered with Indena.

‍“We find that they are the most scientific research-based organisation that we work with anywhere in the globe.”

Further Development

“Indena researchers and employees are involved in teaching activities in Master and PhD courses of the various universities, participated to national and EU-funded projects, successfully interacting with complex academic consortia.”

Indena has curated a legacy over the last century that garners them immense respect in their field, not only for their botanical excellence and work in sustainability, but also their commitment to developing young minds, inspiring the future scientists, to secure a thriving environment.