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50 MENA Leaders

Pioneers of change in the Middle East & North Africa
50 Leaders from the Middle East & North Africa are showcased sharing their various plans to change these systems for the better, we at TBD Media Group help these leaders connect, grow and tell their stories.

Innovation & Disruption Leaders

History books are written by the victors
Everything in history is defined by its ability to adapt to its environment. Business is no exception. By creating exposure through our films, we’ll inspire the next generation of winners to build on today’s successes and launch beyond.

50 German Leaders

Pioneers of tech and sustainability in Germany for the globe
TBD Media is proud to present 50 German Leaders, a collection of documentariesand interviews with executives, celebrating German ingenuity and excellencein their work.

50 Leaders of Change

Lead the change - The time is now
50 Leaders of Change have emerged as the industry leaders that will come to define the world of tomorrow. Exploring the mindsets and actions of business leaders across the world.
Fact of the Day
Companies will spend $850 Billion on ads by 2024.



The Joy of Eating: How Global Restaurant Sensation, Jollibee, is Winning Over North America on Its Journey to Become One of the Top-Five Restaurant Companies in the World

As Jollibee celebrates its 25th anniversary in North America, Maribeth Dela Cruz, President, Jollibee N.A., shares the secret recipe behind the beloved brand’s growing fanbase as the global restaurant chain readies for accelerated growth in the world’s most competitive quick-service-restaurant market.
November 9, 2023

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