Facilitating the future of digital transformation for small businesses


June 29, 2022



Facilitating the future of digital transformation for small businesses


June 29, 2022


Small businesses are the backbone of their local economies. Globally, there are over 200 million SMEs who are looking to survive and evolve along with the evolution of technology and their clients’ needs. With so many SMEs spread across the globe, ignoring their needs for innovative digital first solutions is a mistake.

As technology evolves, so do the expectations of small business clients. The average consumer today expects a digital solution, where they can perform actions and engage with a business online via their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

Tech expert vcita, founded in 2010, creates opportunities for growth for small businesses. vcita is an all-in-one business management platform for small businesses, offering them a complete suite of digital tools to help them take their business to the digital age. From a comprehensive CRM, to invoicing and payment collection capabilities, vcita’s platform offers small business owners everything they need to manage their time, money, clients and marketing, all from one, convenient location.

“vcita’s mission is to help small businesses achieve digital transformation and empower them to better their business through the use of technology, ultimately making their lives easier and their business more successful.”

Offering the right resources for success

vcita equips your small business with the ability to manage your entire business on the go. Their platform offers the best in digital solutions aiding you in building a business you’re proud of. 

You can empower your clients to book with you on their time so that you can forget about scheduling and having to set appointments. vcita’s reliable calendar enables the business owner to approve requested appointments, reduce no-shows by sending confirmation requests asking clients to confirm their arrival, and set up smart waitlists to ensure your events always stay full.

In addition to their scheduler, you also gain access to their CRM which provides you with the ability to securely save client information and segment clients to better personalize your interactions with them.

With sleek and professional email marketing templates, you’ll be sure to make your business interactions look the best they can be. Market your business like a pro and grow your bottom line by keeping your business at the tops of your clients’ minds.

Financial success for small businesses

With vcita, you’ll always know where your money is, where it’s going and where it’s coming from. The app’s 100% financial transparency boosts your ability to predict and forecast as well as compare and gain insights about your business finances.

These financial capabilities include invoicing and estimates, sending automatic payment requests to clients, collecting payments via Square, Stripe, Venmo and PayPal, and much more, allowing you to reduce the time it takes to chase a client for payment. 

“When you make it easier for your clients to pay you, they usually pay on time and in full. Our app helps facilitate every part of the payment process so that payments are made easier and your bottom line is made fuller.”

vcita will also equip your business with the means to create service bundles where your clients can see how many credits they’ve used up, turning singular purchases into returning clients.

vcita also provides the opportunity to create professional estimates for your clients, creating straightforward communication between the client and you. When approved, these estimates are then converted into online payable invoices for ease of service.

Overall better business skills

Studies show that digital savvy businesses are likely to see a significant increase in revenue, while the number one obstacle to digital adoption is the availability of digital skills. vcita provides you with the technological prowess to expand your reach and bottom line without jeopardizing client dedicated time. 

“At vcita, we’re big believers in education and we make it our business to not only deliver tools but also deliver a layer of educational content that helps business owners understand not just the what and how, but also the why.”

Through the use of comprehensive digital tools that enable you to master your time, money, clients and marketing, vcita offers your business peace of mind and the ability to perfect digital transformation for your business. 

“Overall the future for small businesses looks bright. With the help of our solution and access to digital knowledge, small businesses can elevate their current offering and begin to compete with big brands, ultimately growing their business and setting themselves up for long term success.”